Numerology v3.1.1
by Five 12
(Five 12 Website)

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Registration US$129.00 for the SE

System Requirements:

Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later, 2GB RAM

Last Updated: 2011-11-10
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Software Description

Numerology sequencer is a modular sequencing environment designed for performing musicians. It works by giving the user an organized workspace within which they can quickly create and connect together a variety of highly functional sequencing and MIDI event generating modules. As a fully modular environment, the user can construct sequencing instruments that fit their own unique and twisted requirements. The sequencers follow a model similar to that used by analog sequencers: the user creates sequences of control values that can be routed to other modules to control generation of notes or MIDI CC and Pitch Bend messages.


  • Modular step sequencing music composition environment.
  • MIDI-based Note Sequencing modules for monophonic, polyphonic and drum sequencing.
  • Flexible CV & Gate Sequencers for 'component-based' sequencing.
  • Powerful GrooveClock module for building custom grooves.
  • Built-in modular-synthesis-style modules for generating and processing streams of control (CV) data, including LFOs, Envelopes and XY controllers.
  • Several MIDI processing and filtering modules.
  • Audio Unit hosting.
  • Eight-part sample-based DrumKit synthesizer.
  • Polyphonic sample-based AudioSample module for audio synthesis.
  • Stack-based system for organizing modules into musical parts.
  • Integrated preset system for coordinating all module settings within a stack.
  • Easy to setup ParameterModulation system for modulating almost anything (including AU parameters) from anything else.
  • MIDI remote control of almost any parameter.
  • Timeline-based playlist arrangement system.
  • Dedicated audio mixer with 8 stereo aux sends per stack.
  • Custom routing of CV, Audio & MIDI data streams.
  • Stereo audio recording of the Master and Alt output busses.
  • Sync via MIDI Clock, MTC or ReWire.
  • Universal binary for Mac OS X, 10.4 or later.

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Changes in Ver 3.1.1

  • Various OS related fixes
  • VST and AU fixes for DAW compatibility
  • Improved stability
  • Fixed rewire issues
  • For the complete details of changes head over to Five12 Numerology's Forum

Changes in Ver 3.1

  • Window resizing issue when using the 'mail' button is now fixed.
  • Responsiveness of audio meters were improved compared to Numerology 2.
  • Enhanced handling of MIDI events that will trigger preset changes
  • Fixed a problem when loading AU editor windows.
  • Other updates and bugfixes are available on Five12 Numerology's Forum:
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