OBx Synthesizer
by Bristol (Nick Copeland)
(Bristol (Nick Copeland) Website)

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System Requirements:

ANDROID: 2.1 and up

Last Updated: 2011-10-10
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Software Description

OBx Synthesizer is a software synthesizer based on the 80s classic analogue poly synth - Oberheim.

What do artists like Rush, Nena, Queen, Jean Michel Jarre and Prince have in common? They all utilized the classic Oberheim synthesizer, which is now a legendary hardware synthesizer. A lot of software have been emulating this synthesizer and OBx is one of them, designed for Android devices.

OBx Synthesizer has all the makings of a typical synth - lfo, mixer, filter, dual oscillator, and twin envelope generators. Other features include the X/Y accelerometer for pitch and mod wheel, zooming and multi-touch GUI. It also has a CPU intensive option for fatter sounds called "Fat-Finger", and other options like analogue filters and rich oscillators. There is also a unison function for playing two voices with one key press. Lastly you can produce great dynamics if your Droid device have pressure sensitive touch screens.

By default, the application will run with the lowest possible latency and lag, you can adjust this along with audio quality to your preferred settings.

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