Ohm Studio rev 69928
by Ohm Force Software
(Ohm Force Software Website)

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Operating System: Windows 7/Vista
File Size: 52.2 MB
License: Trial (All Demo software)
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System Requirements:

Internet connection, 2 GB of RAM, More than 1 Gig of Hard Drive space

Last Updated: 2012-08-01
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Software Description

Ohm Studio is an online or cloud based DAW.

It allows you to remotely make music and collaborate with other musicians in real-time. Just register on the site and you can utilize its DAW features.

Ohm Studio provides MIDI/Audio recording and editing functionality and even support VST plugins. What makes it unique however is its social network aspect, since it allows you to invite people to help you with your project, or help other people with theirs. It is a real-time online collaboration platform for music producers.

This cloud based DAW comes with its own set of plugins that include compressor, equalizer, flanger, filter, vocoder and limiter. It also comes with the entire Ohm Force collection.

The most interesting aspect of this music production tool is its worldwide user base. These people are as creative as you are and will help spark your passion for making music.

Changes in revision 69928

  • Added MIDI export
  • Bounce the output of a Rack onto a new Audio Track
  • Following Selection option
  • Notes that end will play as if the note was cut by the pattern's ending
  • Ability to change the folder used to store audio cache
  • Various bug fixes

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