Overnet 0.51.2 for MacOSX
by MetaMachine
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Last Updated: 2003-11-01
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Software Description

There are a lot of file sharing programs out there, Overnet is a little different from each of them (we like to think a little better). Unlike several programs (most notably the now defunct napster) Overnet does not have one central server. There are in fact no servers, only clients (technically, a client could be construed as a server but lets not get technical). Each client starts up, finds other clients on the network, and communicates with them. Unlike other 'serverless' programs, all clients are equal, each communicating, sharing and assisting each other.

Overnet also assigns each file on the network a unique ID. This means that even when two files are named the same, Overnet can detect the differences, and treat them accordingly. This helps when downloading a large file, because when Overnet finds more than one other client with exact file you are downloading, Overnet can download from all of them at the same time and put the file back together, the end result is your files download FASTER.

Overnet also has a strong international following, this means that users are chatting, posting to forums and instant messaging each other around the clock. This community spirit has helped make Overnet what it is.

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