Overture 4.1.6
by Sonic Scores
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File Size: 15 MB
License Conditions:

Demo Versions expire after 15-days, cannot save and export. Full version is available for $300

System Requirements:

OS X 10.3.9 or higher

Last Updated: 2013-01-07
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Software Description

Overture is an easy-to-use Mac OSX notation software, designed for professional musicians and composers.

Overture is meant to meed the demands of professional music educators, arrangers, composers, and students - people who need the flexibility to manage complex orchestral, band, choral, lead sheet, and tablature scores. It allows for easy score creation - just enter notes on-screen or use a MIDI interface. It has in depth but easy to understand editing tools and symbol palettes, reducing the learning curve and allows users to focus more on the music. For further utilization, Overture can also import Encore and MusicTime files.

Overture also features full VST/AU integration. Open the VST/AU Instruments rack and load your preferred VST/AU instrument or effect. You can easily add controller and key switches using the pre-defined libraries for most of the well known sample libraries.

Finally Overture allows for easy MIDI editing and the important bit recording. Composers and arrangers will get to hear their songs played by virtual instruments, allowing for proper adjustments before they apply it to the actual bands that will play the music.

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New in v4.1.6

  • Bugfix for a bug with reading old files that created empty measures.
  • Bugfix for a bug that caused fonts to be remapped incorrectly on old files.
  • Bugfix for a bug with First Endings not working in playback in old files.
  • Bugfix for a bug that sometimes caused track device to be incorrect when deleting VST/AU plug-ins in rack.
  • Bugfix for a bug that prevented repeats from being drawn at the end of Multi-Bar Rests.
  • Bugfix for a bug that added extra character to melissmas when reading old files.

New in v4.1.5

  • Now an Intel only version with Audio Unit hosting.
  • Fixed problem that caused playback to be hung and could not be stopped.
  • Fixed Set Key Signature dialog bug that did not transpose correctly.
  • Fixed print bug that sometimes did not print bracket on first system.
  • Fixed Shift-Click on Dynamics handle to align dynamics and hair pins.
  • Fixed crash when extracting parts, especially when Split and Divisi values were set.
  • Fixed staccatissimo symbol display problems.
  • Fixed problem with selecting note and sharp at the same time.
  • Right click now allows Set Key Signature and Time Signature.
  • Fixed problem that prevented stretching dotted/dashed lines on Expressions.
  • Fixed problem with heavy beam thickness when printing.
  • Fixed problem with moving cursor to next measure with arrow and then pasting. Paste went to the following measure.
  • Fixed a few problems in Lyrics Window. Also Return key now enters a space instead of closing the window.
  • Fixed Option/Cmd-Arrows keys to work on MacBook Pro as Home, End, Page Down, and Page Up.
  • Fixed Step Input not entering notes after eighth notes.
  • Improved tie placement of slurs and accidentals on clusters.
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