P2P Music Jukebox
by Victor Yusop
(Victor Yusop Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 9.71 MB
License Conditions:

Expires after 30 days or after 3 successful CD burnings which ever comes first. Registration Fee - US$29.99

System Requirements:

Pentium processor 266 MHz minimum, 64 MB RAM minimum, 10 MB harddisk space

Last Updated: 2002-09-10
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

P2P Music Jukebox is an all-in-one music tool that helps you do everything you ever wanted with your music. It burns custom audio and data CDs from MP3s, WAVs and WMAs, records audio CDs into MP3s and WAVs, play MP3, CD, WMA, and WAV, converts music from and to MP3s, MP3 VBR, WMAs and WAVs, organizes your entire music collection, helps you discover online music downloads with peer to peer file sharing tools, edit ID3 tags, CDDB support and more.

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