PS22 Stereo Maker
by Waves Audio
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System Requirements:

DigidesignÆ ProTools TDM (Nubus/PCI) or Sound Designer II (Nubus) system, TDM-compliant application. AMII cards and up are supported. Macintosh/System 7.1 or above. System 7.5 or above. Authorized WaveKey; appropriate WaveShell for application.

Last Updated: 1998-11-04
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Software Description

StereoMaker creates a rich and spacious stereo image from mono sources, and also enhances the spread of stereo sources. It can be used on single tracks of a mix, such as lead instruments or backing vocals, or for stereo enhancement of full mixes or old recordings.

PS22 is designed to avoid problems common with previous stereoization processes: it has virtually no unpleasant 'phasiness', very low coloration, high tonal accuracy, and good mono compatibility. These features makes the PS22 sound uniquely pleasant, natural, and free of listening fatigue. Unlike previous stereoizers, PS22 works not just on mono but also stereo inputs, spreading each and every sound in the mix about its original stereo position. This can be used to create a virtual acoustic reality where all sound sources have a size, and are no longer unnatural point sources. The Waves PS22 interface provides controls allowing adjustment of specific sounds to be anywhere in the stereo image, plus an informative graphical display of position as a function of frequency. PS22 will support Digidesign's DAE and Sound DesignerII plug-ins interface.

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