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Operating System:
File Size: 5731.81 Kb
License Conditions:

Fully functional 30 day trial. Full version is $40

System Requirements:

32 or 64 bit VST host application, Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package (included with installer)

Last Updated: 2011-11-24
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Software Description

PSIonic is a stereo imaging plugin with dual band capabilities for precise stereo field controls.

It is designed to help you re-image your stereo sound without the unwanted sound artifacts. It can produce natural sounding stereo pan sweeps even in hard pans. It also retains full mono compatibility. This plugin is designed for panning loops and samples. It has a built in crossover controll which will let you separate bass from vocals and other instruments.

Psionic does not apply filtering or delay that can cause unwanted signal coloration.


  • Input dual pan and gain
  • asymmetry control
  • dual band gain and stereo width control
  • true stereo pan with non-discrete pan law selection
  • built in vector scope
  • mid/side encode and decode
  • sample accurate automation (VST3)
  • CPU efficient, uses SIMD instruction sets when available
  • zero latency
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