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Last Updated: 2002-06-17
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Software Description

My own version of a "big" soundfont. This borrows heavily from Jeff's original Musica Theoria on which it's based, but I've changed many instruments in it and re-looped almost all. Every instrument represents the best of the free soundfonts I've been able to find. Nearly all of the soundfonts in PC312 are better than anything commercially available.

This soundfont is not only big in size, it's big in sound - full rich bass and lots of presence to the solo instruments. It includes all the individual instruments on the Soundfonts page, plus lots more from Emu and other collections like Unison and Musica Theoria. I used the Buzzwood MIDI test files (on the MIDI page) to make sure there's no really strange sounds anywhere, and supplemented them with a collection of MIDI files to showcase critical instruments in "real life" usage to make sure I had found the best instruments I could and to make sure they all work together to produce a good ensemble.

This soundfont breaks the "32k barrier", but it works just fine in my Live.

This version of the Personal Copy soundfont has many incremental improvements - most in the drum sounds, but several other instruments have been modified and tweaked based on user feedback to improve the overall quality of the soundfont.

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