Peter Pan v1.1
by Audio Ease
(Audio Ease Website)

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File Size: 1.5 MB
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Purchase Price:US$39.95

System Requirements:

Mark Of The Unicorns (Digital) Performer and AudioDesk

Last Updated: 2000-11-27
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Software Description

Mark Of The Unicorns (Digital) Performer and AudioDesk users can now use true 5.1 panning via this slick, easy to use and very complete surround panning plug-in.

  • It's the first 5.1 surround panner for MAS
  • Just click and drag your source around the room
  • Assign bus outputs to each speaker
  • Separate channel for sub woofer
  • Sub woofer signal can be removed from satellites' signals
  • Positioning and trajectories are completely automatable
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