Pianist Pro v1.9.4
by moocowmusic
(moocowmusic Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 90.3 MB
Price: USD 4.99
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iPad, iPad 2

Last Updated: 2012-07-30
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The Pianist Pro iPad is a mobile and virtual piano with multiple added features.

Based on the popular Pianist for iPhone, the Pianist Pro for iPad have added features and improved photo-realistic graphical interface. It also is capable of full recording and overdubbing. It can import and export midi along with audio files. It also has 16 recorded instruments from organs to pianos even guitars and synths. It also has a built in arpeggiator for those quick song runs, a basic drum machine for rhythm backing and a delay effect for the guitar, bass and piano sounds.

Other features include:

A single or dual 88 key keyboard layout with tweakable key sizes
Sustain and Soft pedals, with key response based velocity
Modulation, Swell and Pitch bend controls
Can be used as a WiFi midi controller
Low Pass filter and vibrato

Pianist Pro was featured in a UK advertisement for the iPad:

Changes in v1.9.4

  • v1.9.4 - Arpeggiated notes are now properly transmitted via Network MIDI.
  • v1.9.3 - Hi-resolution Retina display graphics added for the new iPad.
  • v1.9.2 - Multitasking and fast-app switching added.
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