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Last Updated: 2012-11-09
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Software Description

PianoCheetah is an app that will help make your piano practice fun!

It is built to help you with piano practice, matching your learning pace and making everything you need conveniently available.

It'll wait for you - spoon-feeding you the notes and rhythms. You'll learn to play real piano songs real fast.

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virus stuff cleared up now

There's a McAfee site called SiteAdvisor. If they don't know of your website, I guess the default is to "red X" it.

So I got ahold of them and told them to cut it out.

So now they don't list it as infected and all the sites that listen to THEM won't consider it infected either.

So you HOPEFULLY won't see any more "HEY THIS FILE IS INFECTED" about PianoCheater.
It was always safe. The Virus Checking companies were always flagging it for no reason.
I =think= I've got em to STOP that now.

Pleeeeeease try PianoCheater. It is my life's work.
If you have good ideas for me, I'd =love= to hear em.
If you have ANY troubles using the program, PLEASE EMAIL me - stephen.hazel@gmail.com




This file has 5 viruses---according to my virus software. Don't download.

No, there aren't any viruses in it...:/

Just because your virus checker says there's viruses in it, does not actually mean there is.
Most virus checkers now adays are pretty lazy.
If a program downloads a file from the web, they assume it's a virus unless it's an app they already know about.
If the program isn't a well known app like msword, it'll usually get flagged as having a virus even if all it
does is download midi files off the web (in this case).

I grow tired of submitting false positive reports that don't change anything.

But, if you STILL think it has a virus, perhaps you could tell me which virus is embedded in it.
Cuz there isn't one :/

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