Pitch ID
by Gil Trythall
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Download full version with credit card from www.musicstudy.com US$18.95.

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Last Updated: 2002-02-26
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Software Description

Learning with Pitch ID is 'task oriented'. You begin with the simple task of identifying the 3 tones of the tonic triad by ear, gradually expanding to all scale-steps above and below tonic. Click on the Help file if you need assistance, then do the graded exercises with immediate feedback.

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The bad touch

I need an instrumental version for "The bad touch" from Bloodhound Gang what i mean is no lyrics, no voice.
Thank you
p.s: Not in Midi


I have your demos and want to order the $40 four pack. did this at school (Classen School for Advanced Studies --OKC, Ok) but could not order over internet and could not email you from our machines. got address but could not find phone number. please advise how to order using a school p.o.
thanks ----jack jones

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