Plasma Sound 2.2.1
by RJ & Metro
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Runs on Android 2.2 and later.

Last Updated: 2012-07-30
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

A musical instrument inspired by the Theremin and the Continuum.

When you touch the screen (including multitouch!), a waveform is generated. It's X-Axis is pitch, which is designated by note and octave markings. It's Y-Axis is either volume or filter.

Plasma Sound is incredibly configurable! Pick the note range, the waveform, cutoff, delay and more! You can even select between continuous mode and normal keyboard mode.

Also has a sequencer so you can record, playback, and edit.

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New in v2.2.1

  • Updated soundcloud support, updated audio engine, fixed tremolo/vibrato
  • 2.2.0: Fixed tutorial and sequencer, adding SoundCloud support.
  • 2.1.0: Indicator to show which tab you're in, waveforms for tremolo and vibrato.
  • Also added beta support for Spanish, courtesy of XDA user Jeyper!

New in v2.0.2

  • (2.0.2) Minor fixes to the tutorial.
  • (2.0) Massive update! super-improved performance. Updated sequencer, saving sequences, recording support, tutorial, etc.

New in v1.2.5

  • Performance and graphics have been improved

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