Play Sound v1.6.7
by Microcosm Software
(Microcosm Software Website)

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Last Updated: 2006-10-22
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Software Description

Play Sound provides a simple, no-fuss way to play sound files. It supports QuickTime sound files (for example, AIFF or MP3 files), Mac OS System 7 sound files (files with a file type of 'sfil' that contain 'snd ' resources), or any 'snd ' resources embedded into any file in the resource chain.

Play Sound is fully scriptable, allowing AppleScript writers to play sound files and 'snd ' resources that are embedded in script applets using simple, easy-to-understand English syntax. You can use Play Sound as a simple sound file player, however, without having to touch AppleScript at all. To play any sound file, simply drag and drop the sound file(s) onto the Play Sound icon in the Finder, or configure the Finder to open sound files with Play Sound when you double-click them (see the Play Sound documentation for instructions showing how to do this).

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