PlayerPRO v5.10.0
by PlayerPRO Software
(PlayerPRO Software Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 3.13 MB
License Conditions:

Public Domain

System Requirements:

MacOS 8.6 or higher (including Mac OS X Panther); 32MB RAM

Last Updated: 2011-02-12
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

PlayerPRO is a complete music editing program (SoundTracker).

Uses XI, Quicktime or SoundFonts. Currently runs on MacOS and OSX; playback engines also available for Windows and BeOS. Upcoming version 6 will support ALSA (Linux).

PlayerPRO can load and play the following music (and sound) formats:

MOD, S3M, MIDI, MTM, MADH, MADG, MADI, MADK, OKTA, MINS, XI, PP, Clip File, MED, 669, IT, ULT, XM System 7 sound, WAV, AIFF, AIFC, SoundDesignerII, MPEG, MP3, MuLaw, ALaw, AVI, DVC, Quicktime Movies, MAC3, MAC6, IMA4, MPEG layer I, II and III (requires QT 4.0), PAT (GUS), QDesign, RAW Data.

This version is open-sourced and in the public domain.

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PlayerPro 5.10 Release Candidate available

Thanks mostly to the hard work of Charles W. Betts,
there is now a fairly stable build of PlayerPro 5.10 with Spotlight metadata importer.

This latest version has been reworked in xCode, requires Mac OS X 10.4 or above and is Intel-native

PlayerPro 5.10 release candidate 1 !!!

SpotLight metadata importer:

PlayerPro home page :

PlayerPRO resurrected

I have activated the PlayerPRO sourceforge site and restored the VersionTracker page:

The site now hosts the app and the source code:

I am also going to upload a few older files.

PlayerPRO will receive a series of bug fixes up to v
and will coexist with the PlayerPRO 6 branch for a while.

I have been hard at work on
- removed the serial number authorisation requirement
- debugging the UMX import/export plug-in
- changed the About Box to reflect the new version and nature
- modified the documentation to reflect its Open Source, Public Domain nature and changed all site references to SourceForge

I will complete the initial CVS import right after is ready

- I am finally getting a working QTMA export plugin to work, but this will probably have a long beta cycle

- I am also working on
a sleek website for which will contain a polished version of the old v5 documentation and the road map and design of the new v6

Sandro Bilbeisi

PlayerPRO 5.9.8: A Working Link


So, PlayerPRO is now freeware. Want to use it? Go here:



is there a tutorial or something for PlayerPRO??


I'm the webmaster of PlayerPROLounge, a website dedicated to (surprise!!) PlayerPRO.

Check it out:

More documentation, more music, more files, better design, better organisation!
(according to a couple of people)



Re: proplayer

well as if anyones gonna read this, but hey:- modplug tracker for pcs is free and works on all windows platforms. the author of modplug had created it for the user's ownership, as he believed software should not be a commodity that can be sold. therefore to create a commercially marketed modtracker is unfair, all software and especially this one should be free, tom's right to moan.

Re: proplayer


Can you say DEMO? Sure you can --!

There are two versions of PlayerPRO: the Demo version, and the Commercial version. The commercial version allows you to create and save your files. The Free version allows you to play files, NOT create them.

I'm sure it actually says that somewhere.


PlayerPro doesn't work

I've been working with PlayerPro waiting for 5.7 to fix a printing error. I can't print, and the promised patch doesn't solve this.

I want to print the contents of the Classic Editor, but this isn't possible. And, Quadmation know about it. I'm not impressed.

Have to agree

This is a great program, no doubt, there you have it. $60 is too much. Way to much. Way, way too much. If there was a shareware version with half the features shut off for half as much, my money would be in pockets. OctaMed is what? $35? Protracker? $25? Why $60? Anyways, just a word of caution this says freeware all over it, but it's a save-disabled demo. Plus, you can only work on one patteren.
Fun to play around with, but don't expect to acomplish anything with it.

Win Prizes with your music by PlayerPRO

create music using PlayerPRO and enter to win great prizes for computing! Check out the users contribution page at:

A really great software

Whoa! That is a really good software!! The best soundtracker available on this planet!

Player Pro is great

I'm a d.j. and dance music producer. I use Player Pro to realize demos.If you how to use it you can really obtain good stuff. Then I test the tracks on the dancefloor and if they work I make a real pro version in studio.I'm just waiting for more sound effects (like echoes and reverbs)to apply to the soundfiles. Bravo Antoine!

I found one.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've been told, that PlayerPRO doesn't support Impusle Tracker modules (IT). If so, this lack must be corrected.


I remember about 6 years ago, or something like that, I can't remember the version of PlayerPro that I had on my Performa 6200cd, but it had the coolest mod I had ever heard in my entire life! And now, with that mac long gone, I have been hunting all over the net looking for that song!! I can't remember what the song is called, it had some instrument in it that sounded like an organ...

Please if anyone can help, e-mail me!!!! Plleeeeeeease?!?!?!?!?!

-the allmighty zmode

P.s. IF this was not the right place for me to post this message, I am deeply sorry and I apologize. I have just run out of breath searching for this mod...

excellent software

In my opinion this is the best music software around. Everything the
description on the Music Machine webpage description is absolutely
true. I have been working with PlayerPro for about five years and
found incredible versatility for any style of music and minimal
problems only.
Well done Antoine Rosset!

It would be good, except...

PlayerPro looks like a great program. The freeware player seems to function great. However, I don't think the full version is worth the price being charged. I'd buy it if it didn't cost so much. I could see paying $40 dollars for it, but they're wanting over $60?! Give me a break. I don't think any software should ever cost that much, regardless of how good it is or what it does (with exception of Photoshop, which is not worth the price Adobe charges, but worth more than couple hundred). I think you could sell more copies of the program Antoine Rosset & Quadmation if you'd consider dropping the price 20 or 30 dollars. You'd make more money by charging less, get it? Prolly not, most of this stupid planet lives for money alone instead of the important stuff.

PlayerPRO 5.1

PlayerPRO 5.1 is now available at:

Re: PlayerPRO 5.1

: PlayerPRO 5.1 is now available at:

PlayerPRO 5.0 beta (1Dec 98)

Good user-interface. I´ve noticed a lot of few buggs in this version so far:)

Re: PlayerPRO 5.0 beta (1Dec 98)

: Good user-interface. I´ve noticed a lot of few buggs in this version so far:)

a LOT of FEW bugs?

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