PowerPulsar for Intel
by Raphael Moll
(Raphael Moll Website)

Download from the
Author's Website

Operating System: BeOS
File Size: 930 K
License: (All Shareware software)
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

Requires BeOS version: R3

Last Updated: 1998-09-17
For more detail about software : Software Description



Software Description

The main idea is that it runs an FFT on the music and displays psychedelic stuff in full screen, using your parameters. The latest version supports add-on programmed in C++. Sample code for creating add-on is included in the archive. I encourage anybody to fell free to create and dispatch such add-on, as well as I expect anybody to criticize the program architecture, especially the points noted in the todolist or the readme. To run this, you need an audio CD device and the datatypes library.

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