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Windows 98/2000/ME/XP, Pentium 266 MHz, 64 MB RAM

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Software Description

The PRO-53 carries on the tradition from the legendary days of vintage cult synthesizers. This virtual instrument, fashioned after the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5, provides the sonic properties of the unique originals while meeting the practical requirements of the present day.

  • Fashioned after the vintage cult synths of the 80's

  • 2 oscillators per voice
  • Choice of pulse, triangle and saw-tooth waveforms
  • Oscillator detune and synchronization
  • 24dB low-pass filter with resonance and self oscillation, additional high-pass filter mode
  • ADSR envelopes for amplitude and filter, invertible filter envelope
  • Low Frequency Oscillator with numerous modulation options, LFO-envelope retrigger function
  • Theoretically unlimited number of voices (depending on CPU power)
  • 512 freely programmable preset memory slots
  • 576 selected classic and modern analog sounds preprogrammed, 64 sounds by vintage-synth legend John Bowen, and 64 newly programmed presets
  • Velocity sensitivity (optional)
  • Real-time MIDI control and automation of all parameters, MIDI learn
  • Two operating modes: analog warmth or digital accuracy
  • Amount of analog inaccuracies freely adjustable
  • Effects unit for chorus, flanging and echo, MIDI-syncable
  • Input for external audio signals
  • Fully compatible with Prophetâ„¢-5 MIDI-SysEx program data
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