ProChords v1.3
by Groundcontrol ApS
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Owned by user Stacey

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Requires OS 3.1.3 or later.

Last Updated: 2011-04-18
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Software Description

ProChords is made to help songwriters make chord progressions. It uses a database of 8998 chord progressions extracted from the history modern music. Based on this database it will suggest chords to fill in the blanks, complete your song or let you play around with chords that fit together.

ProChords will not write songs for you, but it will help you to navigate the labyrinth of chords without getting lost. It will allow you to write complicated chord progressions without any technical musical knowledge, or just spice up an existing song with an exotic chord you hadn't thought of using.

When suggesting a chord ProChords will look at the 3 chords before and after, and then literally compare that to the history of music. The result is a rated list of how often different chords have been used in this position.

  • Will suggest what chords fits into a given chord progression
  • Can export your chord progression to an online server where you can download it to your music workstation, or you can get it sent to you via e-mail
  • Allows you to write music on the go on your iphone

New in v1.3

  • Now has a "Random Chord Button"

New in v1.2.1

  • Minor bug fixes to version 1.2

New in v1.2

  • New record function added! + several other optimizations for iPad And iPhone 4
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