Production Label Pro 3.0
by Jaywill S. Sands
(Jaywill S. Sands Website)

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Software Description

Production Label Pro labels and catalogs most forms of media! CD's,Cassettes, DAT's, Multi-Track tapes, Video's, Disks, Sound Effects, and Songs!. Will create a variety of reports, by project, dates, artists, etc.. Prints the inserts and cases, and stickers for all the formats and links to inventory! Set up multiple logos to put on labels along with company name and address! Comes with a password entrysystem, inventory system, purchase orders, inventory charts, multi-user networking, and more.

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I love Production Label Pro 3

This program has everything an independent
record artist could want.CD labels, cassette labels
song inventory, and so much more !
I love it !

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