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Operating System: Windows NT/98/95
File Size: 928 Kb
License: (All Shareware software)
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Free trail for 30 days after which you must register if you continue using it. Registration: US$35

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Last Updated: 1999-08-04
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Software Description

RDACD is a professional audio extraction tool (also known as cd-ripper, audio-grabber or DAE) for Windows 9x ,Windows NT and Windows 2000. It reads AUDIO-CDs via the ASPI driver (supports SCSI- and ATAPI-CDR drives) and save it as WAV or MP3.

The front-end is a special design for online publishers or musicians. You can adjust the beginning and the end of your selection in steps of ± 1 frame (1/75 sec) and prelisten them. So it's easy to get samples from CD.

RDACD supports:

  • SCSI- and ATAPI-CDR drives under Windows 95 ,Windows NT and Windows 000
  • detailed information of all SCSI- and ATAPI-devices and adapters
  • reading audio-tracks with maximum speed supported by the CDR
  • save as WAV- and MP3-file
  • selection of different CDR drives
  • use as CD-player (single and multi selection of tracks)
  • easy and exact selection of a part of the song to extract
  • playing the start and the end of the selected track
  • playing the selected track before saving it
  • delete silence at the start and the end of the recorded file
  • drive performance display through extraction
  • edit and display title of a song and save it to cdplayer.ini

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This program is the best ripper I ever saw.
Congratulations, there is nothing like that!!!!

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