REFLEX Pro v2.1
by stw-audio
(stw-audio Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 3.6 MB
License Conditions:

Audio output is silenced every 55 seconds. All Preset managmenet features are disabled. Full version - 49 EUR

System Requirements:

VST compatible host software, 256 MB RAM, 1200 MHz CPU or better

Last Updated: 2012-05-21
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

REFLEX Pro is a 4 channel multi effects delay.

This is a fully funcitonal VST ambience effects plug-in. It covers a wide range from generic delay up to droning pads, spacy ambience or even heavy distortion effects. It comes with pre-configured intuitive stereo handling with flexible sound variations. It is considered as the big brother of the REFLEX Free plug-in.


  • 150 built-in presets
  • Assignable MIDI controllers
  • Parameter modulation with six modulation sources
  • Panorama rotation algorithm for special rotating sounds
  • 2 Envelope followers
  • 4 LFO modulation sources with 34 waveforms
  • 4 Channel Frequency shifter
  • Bandsplitter for frequency processing
  • Additional Feedback loop with 4 routing types for dense reverb and feedback effects
  • Two saturation sections - soft and distortion
  • Two independent stereo delay paths

Changes in v2.2

  • New Skinability feature, where you can customize its appearance
  • LFO sync to song position pointer
  • Data and Preset Folder moved into Program data folder
  • Bugfix for Audio dropout with extreme Resonance modulation settings on the Butterworth filter
  • Bugfix for broken wrap at LFO stepping
  • Bugfix for false Preset name storing (host vst data)
  • Bugfix for false storing of some LFO parameters (host vst data)

Changes in v2.1

  • New LFO waves
  • LFO gate features
  • Individual feedback including randomize and memslots.
  • Inverse MIDI controller assignment.
  • Bugfix for Automation read Decay A/B.
  • Bugfix for False highlight link button.
  • Bugfix for Corrupted VST host storing of changed LFO waves.

Changes in v2

  • Two filter sections including 16 single and 8 double filter types with selectable "hook points"
  • Two waveshaping sections featuring 7 shaping types from soft saturation to crushing Lofi sounds.
  • LFO depth and rate can be modulated!
  • Ambience section adding extra reverb with different routing options featuring very special soundscapes.
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