Reactable mobile 2.0.4
by Reactable Systems
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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Last Updated: 2012-10-23
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Reactable mobile brings the power of the award winning Reactable synthesizer to your mobile device.

Taking full advantage of the multi-touch technology, the playful and intuitive interaction of the Reactable comes to the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Exploring the revolutionary Reactable concepts has never been easier than this.

Based on the Reactable Live! software, the Reactable mobile is a versatile synthesizer that allows you to play and process your own sound samples and audio input. A complete and flexible live performance instrument with professional audio quality.

Load and store your sessions and share them with your friends. Interactive music takes on a new dimension.


  • Universal App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • High quality 44kHz stereo sound quality
  • Accelerometer and microphone input
  • 20 virtual objects
  • Import of custom samples and loops
  • Save and share your sessions

New in v2.0.4

  • Faster loading times
  • Enhanced compressor quality and settings
  • Click reduction in delay
  • Bugfixes for higher polyphony
  • Bugfixes for recording sync problem
  • Bugfixes for better amplitude interpolation
  • Bugfixes for improvements for Network MIDI sync

New in v2.0.3

  • Watch reactable community videos and listen to tracks inside the app.
  • Import .rtz files directly via iTunes filesharing.
  • Shortcut to "view in community" added in the current table page.

New in v1.1.5

  • Network MIDI capable
  • bugfix: hardlinks
  • bugfix: fixed crash when downloading table

New in v1.0.8

  • Integrate download table feature inside application
  • Added Catalan, French, German, Italian and Spanish translations
  • Several optimizations in the graphics engine
  • Optimizations for loop player and audio engine in general
  • Fixed problem with synth envelope
  • Solved clicks on connection/disconnection
  • Fixed rotation on iPad2
  • Fixed several minor bugs

New in v1.0.7

  • add new example tables
  • simplify menu entries
  • go back to table view and reset zoom level when opening a table
  • add sync button to Tempo settings panel to reset song position
  • resume audio after playing video from manual
  • increase loudness of noise generator and Sampleplay object
  • improve default filter envelope

Here's a short demo of Reactable mobile:

To help give you some idea of what Reactable is about take a look at this demo of the original:

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Why are you promoting paid

Why are you promoting paid software ? Your website is suppose to be SHAREWARE MUSIC ... or did I miss something ?

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