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Registration: EUR 58.00, Demo restrictions: no ASIO support, rendering to .wav is disabled, rendering/resampling selections is disabled, rendering/freezing plugin instruments to samples is disabled, nag screens

Last Updated: 2016-01-26
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Software Description

Renoise is a complete music production environment for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It features full ReWire support, FX and instrument VST/AU plug-in support, automatic plug-in delay compensation, multi-core load balancing, MIDI I/O, audio recording, flexible audio output, graphical & numerical parameter automation, modular parameter routing, and much more.

The two biggest developments in 2.6 are, Script everything using an open API, and Sample Autoseek.

Script everything using an open API
Lua is a light-weight programming language, which together with the Renoise API allows you to build add-ons quickly and easily.

Lua scripting, introduced as part of the beta cycle in July 2010, has already resulted in a plethora of new tools, as well as native support for the following hardware: AlphaTrack, BCF-2000, BCR-2000, KONTROL49, FaderPort, microKONTROL, nanoKONTROL, Launchpad, Remote SL-MKII, Nocturn, Monome, Ohm64, iPad via TouchOSC... All created by the Renoise community on their own dime, just for the fun of it.

Sample Autoseek
Samples have a new setting, "Autoseek", which will, when enabled, make them behave like a traditional audio channel. You can start playing back the song at any position, and the sample will automatically seek to the current position in the song without having to be triggered.

Renoise is based on mod trackers. Mod trackers are characterized by displaying and editing music in an easily understood grid known as a pattern. These patterns are akin to sheet music, but are displayed alphanumerically instead of with musical notation.

Renoise's rock solid stability makes it ideal as a live jamming tool. You can map almost every part of the interface to a MIDI controller, run your guitar through a Line-In Device and distort it with native effects, or just use it as a replacement for an MPC.

Due to its keyboard driven workflow, it makes the creation of music for new users far quicker than in a traditional MIDI based sequencer. For experienced users, and those who don't necessarily want to be bound to piano roll systems to music, it offers a refreshing approach to composing:

Instead of spending hours cobbling beats together with a mouse, why not do it in seconds with just a few keystrokes in Renoise? Whether you're an audio veteran or just starting out, Renoise is a fantastic addition to any bedroom or professional studio.


  • Easy to use user interface, all-in-one, customizable and fast (uses DirectX).
  • Easy to use song sequencer and song editor (tracker style).
  • Full MIDI support (MIDI playback synchronized with audio latency and can be additionally synchronized manually if necessary).
  • Full synchronization via MIDI clock as master or slave to external programs or hardware that is able to receive or send MIDI clock (e.g. drum machines, external sequencer, etc.).
  • Integrated support for VST Plug-Ins 2.0 (effects and sound processors).
  • Integrated support for VSTi (VST instruments 2.0 - you can use many great software synths from Renoise).
  • ASIO multi I/O cards support (for very low latency) with the ability to route tracks to hardware channels.
  • Integrated sampler and high quality mixer.
  • Integrated sample editor with full sample editing capabilities (cut, copy, paste, zoom, etc.).
  • Integrated instrument editor with graphical envelopes (better than classic ADSR envelope).
  • High quality player (internal 32-bit float point processing, interpolated, click free).
  • Real-time DSP engine with high quality effects (reverb, echo/delay, compressor, distortion, flanger, phaser, EQ...).
  • Track effects, master effects, send effects which can be applied in desired amount on each track.
  • Unlimited number of effects per track and high speed effects processing.
  • Automation of effects via track and instrument envelopes.
  • Sampler supports: samples, multi sampled samples (sample splits), loop samples (loops).
  • Use sounds all at once: Sampler + VSTi + MIDI audio (as one instrument).
  • High quality WAV renderer (32-bit, 96 kHz, 2 quality modes (near perfect and perfect), with ability to render each track into separate file).
  • Build-in visualization (Stereo Scopes, Track Scopes, Spectrum Analyzer).
  • Many popular formats support (songs/modules/instruments/samples).

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New in v3.1

  • Support for VST and AU MIDI generators
  • Rewritten and enhanced sampler and DSP sound engines
  • Phrases improved and streamlined
  • Better Presets management
  • New downloadable content packs
  • Various other improvements

New in v2.8.1

  • Various fixes for the Renoise Lua API
  • Fixes concerning the Pattern Matrix aliases in 2.8

New in v2.8.0

  • Lua Changes (Auto updater)
  • Better MP3 import
  • GUI Workflow improvements
  • Full 64-bit Support
  • Pattern Matrix with Slot Aliases reworked
  • Track Groups and Collapsing
  • Improved Sample Editor
  • DSP Effects and Meta Devices
  • Improved Spectrum View
  • Pattern Effects

New in v2.8 Beta

  • 64-bit Support
  • Reworked Pattern Matrix with Slot Aliases
  • Sample Editor
  • DSP Effects and Meta Devices
  • Track Groups & Collapsing
  • Pattern Effects
  • Performance Improvements
  • Workflow Improvements

New in v2.7

Renoise's internal instruments have been re-engineered. The focal point is a new keyzone editor that supports overlapping, velocity, and key release mappings. The Sample Keyzones editor brings with it user interface refinements, improved drumkit generation, better tuning options, new sample properties, and loop modes. Live instrumentalists can also tap into new realtime rendering modes and MIDI input routing, making Renoise on a laptop a formidable replacement for your old sampler.

New Slice Markers push Renoise's breakbeat insanity one step further. With the click of a button, your break is sliced and keymapped. Amens away! More than just a beatslicer, creatives will soon discover custom offsets and the power of aliases for controlling longer recordings like vocals and soundscapes.

The revamped Automation Editor now provides a zoomable overview of the entire song, as well as vastly improved envelope resolution. Navigating is smooth, dragging and drawing easier, so simple yet so useful.

Internal FX get an injection of winning with a new Comb Filter and a Multiband Send that lets you surgically redirect a single sound source to 3 send tracks. New draggable gain and frequency handles in the native EQs add flavour and finesse to the tools. Other changes include improvements to DSSI, MIDI optimizations, hardware-compatible solo mode, adjustable audio headroom, pre-count, ameliorations to the Lua API, and numerous other changes in every aspect of the app; no stone was left unturned in this release.

Full changelog with screenshots:

New in v3.0.1

  • Minor bugfixes

New in v2.6

  • Script Everything
  • Sample Autoseek
  • Open Sound Control (OSC) Server Support
  • Duplex - MIDI/OSC controller framework
  • DSSI Support on Linux, 64-bit Linux Version
  • Support for CAF, AIFC, SND and AU Files
  • Linux & Mac OSX Performance Tweaks
  • Minor usability and functionality refinements galore!
  • The full scoop, here:

New in v2.5

  • Pattern Matrix: A birds eye view and editor of the song
  • Cross Track Routing for "Meta Devices" and new devices like the "Signal
    Follower", which allows you to sidechain other tracks parameters

  • Plugin Grabber: Render Plugin Instruments to Renoise Instruments,

  • Vastly Improved MIDI Mapping
  • A Bunch of New Internal Effects
  • And much more.

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