Resound v1.6.0
by Loomer
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System Requirements:

VST host application. Min 512 MB RAM - x86 based processor 1.0Ghz or better, with SSE. These libraries are required: libfreetype, libasound, libXinerama.

Last Updated: 2011-08-17
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Resound is a software audio delay effect processor that emulates the sound and operation of vintage magnetic-tape echo units. A controllable noise level allows the right amount of grit, distortion, and flutter through. The Reverse mode adds further flexibility: by playing each delay backwards, Resound can produce unique effects beyond what hardware magnetic-tape units are capable of.

It's available in both 32 and 64 bit versions and the tarball has the VST and Standalone (JACK and ALSA) executable versions.


  • Delay time up to 30 seconds when synced to host tempo, up to 2 seconds when not synced.
  • Controllable noise level and high-pass filter.
  • Reverse mode to produce more complex and interesting delay textures.
  • Capable of self-oscillation, even without any input source.
  • MIDI Learn mode for easy integration with any MIDI hardware controller.

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Changes in v1.6.0

  • Integrated undo and redo, with unlimited history size.
  • Split mechanical tape emulation controls into separate Noise and Flutter parameters.
  • Category support in preset browser.
  • MIDI Program Changes are now multi-threaded, and so will no longer potentially stall the audio synthesis.
  • Slightly reduced CPU usage and removed potential audio thread stall that could rarely occur when editing parameters.
  • Fix for rare issue that stopped presets from loading when LADSPA plug-in support is enabled.
  • Factory presets now load significantly faster.
  • Fix for crash (on both Windows and Linux) that could occur when 'space' is pressed when confirming the overwrite preset dialog.
  • Preset meta data (ie, author name, notes, tags) is now correctly displayed after loading an .FXP based preset or restoring a saved project.
  • VU meters now automatically reset their overload status after a few seconds.
  • Various host compatibility fixes.
  • Now with a printable PDF manual.

Changes in v1.5.0

  • Noise parameter is now scaled such that wow, flutter, and mechanical noise of the tape machine are completely absent at 0%. Older presets will still sound identical.
  • Reversed delay tempo syncing has been improved with hosts that don't provide accurate PPQ.
  • Native 64-bit support for Linux VST plugins and Standalone applications.
  • Integrated Preset Browser, with meta-data, tags, searching, and hot-swap support.
  • Reduced CPU usage.
  • Various host compatibility fixes.
  • Additional presets.

New in v1.4.1

  • Native 64-bit versions for Windows (VST) and Mac OS X (Audio Unit).
  • Compatibility fixes for various hosts.
  • Mac OS X components are now packaged with an uninstaller.
  • Vastly reduced memory usage.
  • Improved feedback algorithm. For 100% compatibility with legacy projects, the older algorithm can be enabled using the Backwards Compatibility options.
  • Fix for an intermittent noisy timbre that could occur under certain hosts.
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