Riffster Lite Build 2406
by Polarity
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Last Updated: 2006-12-24
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Software Description

Lite is a stripped down version that's even simpler than Riffster -- great for kids or students to get started.

  • Learn symphonic passages, guitar licks, keyboard tricks, vocal parts, or use it for transcription -- do it quickly and easily by playing selected loops of digital audio.
  • Like Riffster, Lite can rip CDs, import MP3, WAV, or WMA files, then slow any audio track down and independently change tempo, key, or pitch.
  • Internet CD database lookup: Find song names for ripping tracks.
  • Drag or "scratch" loop points -- hear where you're at.
  • Lite understands loops and tracks prepared in Riffster so you can use it as a delivery tool for classes or Riff novices.
  • The emphasis with Riffster Lite is on no-frills, simple as-possible interfaces and function. Installation takes seconds and you're off making music.

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BIG FAIL!! don't DL it its

BIG FAIL!! don't DL it its one of a HELL USELESS!!

Sucks. Can't open a simple

Sucks. Can't open a simple mp3, says the MPEG Layer 1 not supported. No support on the website either. Better options out there.

Not Working!

Tried dragging a song madhouse.wav and dropping it or even opening it with Riffster Lite and it say MPEG Layer 1 not supported!

Re: Not Working!

Visit the Riffster Lite support page:

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