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Last Updated: 2007-09-22
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Software Description

Welcome to the integrated and easy CD creation solution. RipEditBurn gives you complete control of your music, with the ability to rip tracks from music CDs, convert them to and from MP3, edit them, reduce/remove vocals, and burn them onto custom music CDs. RipEditBurn integrates these features so you don't need to learn how to use three or even four separate programs for ripping, converting, editing, and burning. RipEditBurn is affordable and easy-to-use - even if you've never burned a CD before, RipEditBurn will have you creating custom music CDs in no time!

Here's how it works: First, rip your CDs. 'Ripping' is extracting the music directly from your CD in all of its pure digital glory, without losing any of the quality. RipEditBurn lets you rip audio from your CDs directly into the program's editing or burning module. It's pure digital audio, so it sounds great! Next, edit your music. RipEditBurn uses a powerful wave editor that lets you tweak and polish your music to perfection. You can cut, copy, and paste audio; crop out unwanted segments; mix files together; adjust sampling rate and bit depth; add effects such as echo, chorus and more. In addition, you can import and export to and from MP3 format, and can even export to RealAudio format for use on the web. Our editor even gives you the ability to record your own Wave files from any source your computer supports (microphone, etc.). Finally, burn your own mix CDs! RipEditBurn lets you record your own audio CDs that can be played back in any standard CD player- and there is nothing complicated about it. You can record anything you like onto your new CDs- Make a mix of all your favorite songs from your CD collection. Burn those MP3 files onto a CD so that you can listen to them on the road. Record your piano lesson and then burn a CD for your teacher. The possibilities are endless! RipEditBurn comes with lifetime FREE product upgrades.

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A Wonderful Audio Editor

RipEditBurn allows you to record audio files directly into the editor!Then enhance and customize the sound with a full range of DSP studio effects. Convert any sound file to MP3 as well as Wave files.Listen to LPs, cassettes, and even your own original audio content anytime, anywhere on your iPod.Don't risk losing your music! Back up unique playlists and libraries with RipEditBurn's one-click Burn List feature.Free Online Tutorials!Detailed Help Files!Support is very helpful. Really it’s a portable recording studio into my P.C.

ripeditburn easy to use

This is the easiest editing program I've ever used. I teach specially challenged kids and use it to help them create audio books. It's awesome!


its tight


hi this is the bomb


hi this is the bomb

I love it!

I don't know what's up with those other people- rip-edt-burn worked great for me! I'm rippin and burnin' and makin' CDs like crazy - THANKS!!

Blaze RipEditBurn

Don't download! Uninstall of Blaze cost me months of graphics. My PhotoMax was completely deleted. All of my work was lost.

Re: Blaze RipEditBurn

: Don't download! Uninstall of Blaze cost me months of graphics. My PhotoMax was completely deleted. All of my work was lost.

Well, this is the best product which ever I have seen... It have cool install and uninstall process which is totally independent of other application.. Blaze Rocks.


Ripp-off too. Blaze Media Pro rules this app.

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