SAWStudio 5.0
by RML Labs
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File Size: 8.0 MB
Price: USD 2000
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Demo limitations: Won't save default preferences, Certain MultiTrack operations are limited to the first eight Input tracks, the first two Return tracks, and the first four Output tracks. The audio output will be interrupted every 15 seconds with a low level tone for one second.

System Requirements:
Last Updated: 2011-07-30
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

SAW is the acronym for Software Audio Workshop.

SAWStudio combines both high-tech virtual mixing and hard disk editing technologies into one power-packed application. The look and feel of a fully controllable console, coupled with an all new high powered 24-bit hard disk engine make this product one of the most intelligent choices for the serious audio professional.

The SAWStudio interface is a tightly woven mesh of a fully developed mixing console interface and a newly designed MultiTrack recording/editing interface. This design is truly aimed at emulating the look and feel of working in a typical hardware based studio environment, replacing the physical mixing console, MultiTrack recorder and outboard rack-effects gear all at the same time.

This product represents a revolutionary new approach to mixing and editing audio in a virtual environment, truly replacing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of physical gear needed to perform the same functions.

SAWStudio offers incredible versatility, amazing speed, and best of all, an environment which inspires your freedom of creative expression. Audio professionals in every niche of the audio industry, including full-length motion picture sound design, music production, theater automation, high-end radio & TV broadcast production, and audio production for video and arcade game development presently use SAWStudio technology.

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New in v5.0

  • Enhanced the track count to 120 tracks (Full) and 48 tracks (Lite). When loading existing edls, the extra tracks will be found at the end after the last output track. Reset the track order or move the new tracks into position at the end of the input tracks if desired, then re-save the session.
  • Enhanced the recording capabilities to extend up to 80 (Full) and 40 (Lite) record tracks when using the SACLink. Each record meter can handle mono or stereo signals from SAC.
  • Cleaner display switching between SAC and SAWStudio.
  • The Full Mixer labels now display in upper and lower case rather than being forced to all upper case characters.
  • Added a new option to the Options Menu called TCP/IP Slave To Host Disable Warning Messages. This option blocks any warning message dialogs from being sent from TCP/IP Slaves to the Host when active. This then allows a single slave machine to have trouble loading a session without stopping the host and other slaves from continuing on in a Show Control setup while waiting for a message dialog reply. This option saves with the preferences.
  • Added code to allow midi control processing for VST Plugins that support it and are not classified as VST Synths.
  • A new menu keyboard link has been added to the Main Menu to allow a keyboard switch to SAC thru the SACLink with a press of the Alt-Key and then the L-Key.
  • The TCP/IP Options have been gathered under a sub-menu called TCP/IP Options on the Options menu.
  • The Wide Mixer View in the Full Version can now be sized and vertically scrolled to fit onto smaller netbook size screen resolutions.
  • When the program is started for the first time or after the default F-key file has been cleared, F-Keys will now be automatically generated to fit the screen resolution. You can save these as the default F-Keys, or use them as a starting template to be modified and then saved as your own. I recommend you look at each one and consider using them as a guide to creating useful ones of your own.
  • A new enhancement has been added to the Extract Session feature which will prompt you to automatically move the extracted session start position to zero on the TimeLine. If you answer Yes, the entire session will be slipped forward to the zero TimeLine position before it is saved. Use this option if you have no reason to keep the session start position offset within the master session TimeLine.
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