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Operating System:
File Size: 2.9 MB
License Conditions:

Fully functional for a 30-day trial period. Purchase price: $495

System Requirements:

Requires Digidesign AudioSuite Compatible audio system. Compatible with Pro Tools TDM systems and Digi-001 systems.

Last Updated: 2000-05-18
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Software Description

Wave Mechanics Inc.
With SPEED, the power to transform tempo and pitch of almost any source imaginable is now at your fingertips, with unprecedented ease-of-use and unparalleled audio quality. SPEED uses an entirely new approach to time and pitch modification that now makes it possible to transform single instruments and even entire mixes without the distortion that is usually introduced by these processes. Even stereo mixes can be processed with perfect phase alignment. Whether it's squeezing a 35-second commercial into a 30-second spot, matching the tempo of a rhythmic loop, or transposing an entire mix, SPEED is the ultimate tool for time and pitch modification.

  • Simple, Graphical and Calculator Control Panels
  • Tempo Modification Range: 50 to 200 percent
  • Pitch Modification Range: -1200 to 1200 cents

Available as a plug-in for Pro Tools, Digi-001, and any other system that supports the Digidesign AudioSuite plug-in format.

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