Score Editor Capriccio v1.2.4
by Capriccio
(Capriccio Website)

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Full Freeware.

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Last Updated: 2013-10-14
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Software Description

Capriccio is a free software score editor and writer. Use it to create scores, play or export them to the popular formats such as music XML, pdf or jpg.

You can go to the developers website, to utilize the free online version of the software along with a free tuner and metronome.

The cool thing about Capriccio is that its totally free. After installing there is nothing you have to do, to have an unlimited score program - no limits in timeline or functionality.

The program makes a lot of various functionalities available – entering of legato, many types of bar lines, lyrics, many other music signs such as triplets, quituplets etc., polyphony managing (polyphony of the instruments and the multiinstrumentation of works), upbeats, the possibility of listening to the piece. You may also change the meter, clefs or tonation.

The Program can also draw custom staves (classic stave, piano stave or single line of percussion). It also supports custom note heads. All is glued together with a great drawing algorithm that ensures the score looks real and aesthetic.

The scores edited in the program look professional and are easily exportable. You can export them to such popular formats as: pdf, picture (png, jpg, gif) or MusicXML.

Changes in v1.2.4

  • Maintenance update and improvements
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