Seelewaschen v1.2
by Karlheinz Essl
(Karlheinz Essl Website)

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File Size: 9.8 MB
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System Requirements:

MacOS X 10.4 or better

Last Updated: 2006-10-20
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

SEELEWASCHEN is a generative sound environment which was originally composed by Karlheinz Essl for an outdoor light installation by the German artist Rainer Gottemeier. Using the sound of one single bell stroke as its basic material, the piece unfolds a rich sonic cosmos by a computer program. Taking advantage of compositional algorithms that have been developed by Karlheinz Essl since the early 1980ies, the piece is generated in realtime. It can be perceived as a sonic organism which might serve as a source for inspiration and meditation, running forever and ever...

This piece neither requires nor offers any user interaction. It runs entirely on its own, driven by its internal compositional algorithms which ensure variability and richness, even over a long time. The author does not feel obliged to make any chances to the program, but he is eager to hear your comments.

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