SendSX v1.22
by Florian Boemers
(Florian Boemers Website)

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Last Updated: 2005-01-20
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Software Description

Small utility for Windows to create small sys-ex messages and to send these small sys-ex messages to whatever midi-device. Especially you can test small sys-ex requests, because the reply as well as all other events from the midi-device are displayed. So it's as well a small midi-monitor. Additional features are loading and saving of sys-ex files, so you can archive bulk dumps from your MIDI device and send them later back to the device

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New in v1.22

  • Option to split long lines while loading/displaying
  • If a parameter is given, and it points to a file, open it
  • Most recently used file list
  • Faster loading of large files
  • Installer

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Would this utility work with the MUNT MT-32 emulator, or the BASSMIDI.drv? Both are set as Windows MIDI synths.

I found some re-mastered soundtracks for some old DOS games I loved to play, and was curious if they'd work with those. My only other choice would be to source MT-32 and SC-55 external modules, and those aren't exactly cheap.

Thank you in advance!


Vai toma no cĂș!!!!!!

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