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PC with a Pentium-class processor, Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7 OS, 64 MB of RAM (128 MB or higher recommended), 15 MB of free disk space for installation, Super VGA 800 X 600 resolution monitor, or higher, with 256 colors, keyboard and mouse (or compatible pointing device)

Last Updated: 2011-06-15
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Software Description

SetLister is software for bands, solo musicians, singers, and worship leaders--anyone who needs to quickly and easily create and print a Setlist for a practice, rehearsal, or performance. One of the keys to success in the music industry is being organized, professional, and ready to meet the opportunities that come your way. And we think that you will find SetLister to be a valuable tool for helping you to "get your act together"!

Many programs that are used to create setlists have too many complex features, are too difficult to use, or simply don't provide the features that you need (such as easily changing the order of songs in a setlist). For these reasons, we created SetLister. SetLister was designed and developed by a software developer who is also a musician (and uses the product regularly for his own gigs), so we think you will find it to be the most effective and easy-to-use software program available for this purpose.

Ideas for using SetLister:

* Create Setlists to use during a live performance
* Create Setlists for practice or rehearsal
* Create a list of songs for band members to learn before your next practice
* Create a Track Listing for a CD that can easily be rearranged
* Review and compare past Setlists to keep your performances fresh by mixing up the songs performed at a certain venue
* Built-in PDF creation and integrated e-mail functionality allows you to e-mail a copy of a Setlist to other band members before your next gig

Features include:

* Create a Song List of your band's repertoire
* Add Songs to a Setlist with a double-click, drag-and-drop, or by clicking in the menu
* Easily change the order of songs in a Setlist by clicking and dragging the handles with the mouse or using the mover buttons
* Open multiple Setlist windows at one time
* Keyboard shortcuts allow for fast data entry
* Print Setlists for use at band practice or at gigs
* Print out a list of all of the Songs in your Song List
* Built-in PDF creation of Setlists and Reports
* Import Song List from a CSV file (can be edited using MS Excel)
* Integrated Report Designer tool allows you to make changes to the layout of your printed setlists or reports
* Integrated E-mail functionality allows you to create a PDF of a setlist, attach it to an e-mail, and send the e-mail directly from the application using a compatible SMTP E-mail account, such as Google's G-mail
* Manage a list of names and e-mail addresses for band members who should receive setlists via e-mail
* Export your Song List database to CSV file for sharing with another Setlister user (such as another band member)
* Copy from an existing Setlist when creating a new one

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