SlicyDrummer MIDI FX 2.0
by MusicLab, Inc.
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License Conditions:

Trial version will work 14 days after installation.

System Requirements:

300+ MHz, 64+ MB, sequencer with MFX support (Cakewalk, SONAR, Cubase SX)

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Software Description

SlicyDrummer is a simple, but powerful tool for instant creation of drum loops by combining individual drum instrument patterns. It provides user with a unique way to quickly construct drum loops by selecting the appropriate prerecorded pattern for each individual drum instrument from the library, which saves him from the annoying procedure of searching among thousands of readily available drum loops. The software package includes a massive library, containing hundreds of MIDI patterns for a number of drum instrument (kick, snare, hi-hat, ride cymbal) and percussions (conga, cowbell, tambourine, maracas, hand clap). Patterns are pre-recorded in such a way that they can be easily combined to make up professionally sounding drum loops. To further simplify the procedure of finding the appropriate combination an auto-compose feature based on the Intelligent Drum Rhythm Compose technology (IDRC) has been incorporated in the program. IDRC feature allows the user to momentarily create various, and more importantly, unpredictable combinations as easily as pressing a single button, which turns the procedure of creating drum loops into an interesting and entertaining experience. This opens a great perspective of having virtually unlimited number of combinations and edits, which makes SlicyDrummer a truly unique and limitless source of drum loops or any rhythmic information.

New in this version:

  • Added event editor
  • Added SONAR 2.2 support

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i agree

I agree. I'm getting sick and tired when people call their licence 'freeware' when it's not!!!


At the top it says the license is free, then at the bottom it says it's a 14 day trial.


It's not freeware. If it's not freeware you shouldn't call it freeware. Your website sucks.

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