SoX-Sound eXchange 12.17.3
by Chris Bagwell
(Chris Bagwell Website)

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Operating System:
File Size: 396K
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

Tested under Linux, SunOS, Solaris, and DOS

Last Updated: 2001-12-16
For more detail about software : Software Description

Software Description

Sox is a general purpose sound converter/player/recorder that supports the following formats:

  • RAW sound data in various data styles
  • RAW textual sound data
  • Amiga 8svx files
  • Apple/SGI AIFF files
  • SUN .au files
  • PCM, U-law, A-law, G7xx ADPCM files
  • mutant DEC .au files
  • NeXT .snd files
  • AVR files
  • CD-R data (music CD format)
  • CVS and VMS files (continous variable slope)
  • GSM raw data (with optional library)
  • Macintosh HCOM files
  • Amiga MAUD files
  • IRCAM SoundFile files
  • NIST SPHERE files
  • Turtle beach SampleVision files
  • Soundtool (DOS) files
  • Yamaha TX-16W sampler files
  • Sound Blaster .VOC files
  • Microsoft .WAV files
  • PCM, U-law, A-law, MS ADPCM, IMA ADPCM, GSM (optional)
  • Psion (palmtop) A-law .WVE files
  • Record and Play from OSS or ALSA /dev/dsp and Sun /dev/audio

Over 25 effects can be applied to sound data.

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