Sound Grain v4.1.1
by Olivier Belanger
(Olivier Belanger Website)

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M OS X 10.5 with Python : 2.6.x WxPython : 2.8.x pyo : sources up-to-date

Last Updated: 2012-06-10
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Sound Grain is a graphical interface where users can draw and edit trajectories to control granular sound synthesis modules.

Sound Grain is written with Python and uses Csound as its audio engine. Csound 5 must be installed on the system to allow Sound Grain to run.

Changes in v4.1.1

  • This version fixes an important memory leak and a few minor bugs.
  • Fixed crash when playing with number of channels.
  • Fixed unicode support, allowing non-ascii characters.
  • Fixed trajectories and FxBalls position when resizing the application frame.
  • Added support for ASIO driver on Windows.
  • Added sample floating-point precision in the Audio Drivers menu.
  • Added new FxBalls : Chorus, Frequency Shift, Detuned Resonator.
  • Added the possibility to mix multiple sounds (with crossfade) into the drawing area.

Changes in v4.0

  • Midi support : User can add and remove trajectories with a midi keyboard
  • Fx balls : User can put balls on the drawing surface to add temporary effects on sound produced by the granular process
  • Grain envelope : User can modify the grain envelope with a graph window
  • Amplitude control on each trajectory
  • Panning can be assigned to the Y axis

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Soundgrain audio engine


As of version 3, Soundgrain no more uses Csound as its audio engine but pyo, a dsp python module I created especially to have a complete audio engine running under python.


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