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Last Updated: 2001-07-01
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Software Description

Soundwrap™ is the world's first complete solution for music producers and distributors who wish to securely DISTRIBUTE and SELL their music over the web. It is the virtual answer to Shrinkwrap!

Soundwrap™ protects your product from piracy, allows you to offer free trials and automates the registration, sale and billing of your music over the net.

The following price structure relates to sales made using Soundwrap™:
The Soundwrap™ software can be used FREE of charge [the cost of the song must be between .50c and $20]
A fee of 25% will be taken by Soundwrap™ for every MPS sold.

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(Originally Posted 13:43:06 3/01/07)

Hi there,
I downloaded your soundwrap software and the winamp package which was fine, but for the last 9 months I've been trying to register the wrapper so that I can use your services to distribute the music that I am producing, I go through the whole registration process, but for some reason your server keeps disconnecting and I am asked to try later, I kept trying later but no joy. Ive also tried to contact yourselves quite a few times by email and by phone, I've left messages and I was assured that someone will get in contact with me, I'm still waiting. Please help!

Hi and have u tried turning

Hi and have u tried turning off pop-ups?

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