Sound Manager 2.1.0
by Roozen Android Apps
(Roozen Android Apps Website)

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Last Updated: 2011-04-17
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Software Description

Version 2.0 upgrades provided by Mike Partridge. With version 2.0 you can set any number of schedules for each volume setting. You can specify the days of the week each volume change schedule is active. Android 1.5 made the Notification volume able to be separate from the Ringer volume, so Mike added this to the app, as well. (From your home page, Menu > Settings > Sound & display > Ringer Volume. Uncheck the check box that treats your notification and ringer volumes the same.

Exposes the sound controls. Also provides a quick way to change ringmode or vibration settings. Create shortcuts with the Menu key on the Ringmode Toggle or Vibration Settings screens. Shortcuts are created on your home screen. You can instantly mute all volumes from this app, and create a Mute shortcut on your home screen.

For each volume setting you can set schedules to automagically lower to raise volumes at different times. 6 volume settings: System, Ringer, Notification, Media, Alarm, and In-Call.

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