String v1.14.8
by Loomer
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Operating System:
File Size: 12.7 MB
Price: GBP 50
License Conditions:

User created Program and Bank configurations can be saved, but not loaded, Output will be periodically interrupted, approximately every 30 seconds, by a short moment of silence and Audio output will stop after 30 minutes of continuous use. The only way to continue using String is to restart the application. Registration: £50.00

System Requirements:

VST host application. The following shared object libraries are required:

  • libfreetype
  • libasound
  • libjack
  • libXinerama
Last Updated: 2014-06-13
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

String is a virtual instrument that emulates the beautiful sound of the polyphonic string synthesizer. String's authentic tone comes from its accurate emulation of the divide-down oscillator technology behind the lush ensemble synths of the '70s.

String has two individual sound generating Layers, each housing three phase-locked oscillator stops at 16', 8' and 4' ranges for Layer 1, and 8', 4', and 2' ranges for Layer 2. The relative volumes of each stop can be finely tuned to produce an enormous range of timbres. Both Layers have controllable note split points. Layers can be placed so that each is controlled by a specific range on the keyboard, or even overlapped and stacked together.

Each Layer has its own Voicing Mode from a choice of Monophonic with Last, Low, and High Note Priorities, Paraphonic, and Polyphonic. In Polyphonic mode each voice has its own Attack/Release amplitude modulation envelope. In Paraphonic mode all voices within a Layer share a single monophonic Attack/Release amplitude envelope. The Monophonic Modes produce a single voice, which can be either the Lowest, Highest, or Last note pressed.

Layers can be further shaped using the monophonic Filter section. This section has several Filter types; a Highpass / Lowpass pair of filters in series, an analogue resonant filter in either Lowpass, Bandpass, or Highpass modes with various modulation options (including Channel Aftertouch), and a 9-Band EQ. The Filter section can also be switched off altogether.

Both Layers can be individually routed into the Effects section. Layer 1 can also optionally be routed directly into Layer 2's Filter to produce serial Filter tones.

String's Chorus section is modeled on the bucket-brigade device that characterized the sound of the classic ensemble synths. Select from two different Chorus algorithms for either an authentic Ensemble timbre (Type 1), or a more modern, denser sound. (Type 2). A built-in stereo Phaser can be used to add movement, depth, and interest to String timbres. The Effects section is rounded off with two mono bucket-brigade device delay units with independent time and feedback settings, which can be tempo synced, and linked together into a single stereo delay.

New in String v1.14.8

  • Bugfix for an issue which could cause parts of the UI to be obscured when opening the FX plug-in's preset browser in certain hosts.
  • More efficient processor usage when changing certain parameters.
  • Various host compatibility changes.

New in String v1.3.7

  • Improved speed and responsiveness of all UI controls.
  • Improved CPU usage when tweaking parameters from a hardware controller.
  • For the Windows VST plug-in, when using a relative path for the presets folder, the path is now relative to the plug-in's DLL file and not the host's executable file.
  • Standalone versions now support multiple simultaneous hardware controllers.
  • Preset searches are now multi-threaded. Preset browser can now immediately respond to user interaction, even whilst searching a massive preset library, or when browsing a folder containing a large number of presets.
  • Preset meta data (i.e., author name, notes, tags) is now correctly displayed after loading an.FXP based preset or restoring a saved project.
    Various minor compatibility fixes for certain hosts.

New in v1.13

  • Native 64-bit VST plugin and standalone application for Linux.
  • Integrated Preset Browser, with meta-data, tags, searching, and hot-swap support.
  • Additional presets. All presets now tagged and annotated.
  • Presets can now be sorted using auto categorization.
  • String Instrument and FX now have their own individual default preset.
  • Reduced CPU usage.
  • libjack is now weak-linked for standalone Linux. This means JACK is not required (but still recommended).
  • Fixed slight pitch shifting timbre that would rarely occur when quickly swapping between presets using different delay time settings.
  • PDF manual is now printer-friendly.

New in v1.1.2

  • Native 64-bit versions for Mac OS X Audio Unit, and Windows VST.
  • Separate "Effects Only" plugin: use String's Effects as a general multi-fx unit.
  • Phaser and Chorus now automatically disable themselves (saving CPU) when the plugin is idle.
  • Each Layer now has an overall Volume control.
  • Increased polyphony.
  • Much faster GUI response.
  • Vastly reduced memory usage.
  • Various compatibility fixes for certain hosts.
  • Fixed bug where Delay Link status sometimes isn't persisted.
  • Fixed minor audible click that could be heard when changing Chorus mode.
  • New preset bank for registered users with over 150 fantastic String sounds: HunterKiller String 1.1 Preset Bank.
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