Studio Suite 8
by AlterMedia, Inc
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Operating System:
File Size: 43.6 MB
License Conditions:

Registration: US$499.00

System Requirements:

32 MB ram, 20 MB disk space.

Last Updated: 2007-01-27
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

It's an affordable, comprehensive software package designed to revolutionize the management of recording/mastering/project/video post-production studios and production companies, written in a database application called FileMaker® Pro by FileMaker Inc®. Studio Suite's 20 relational modules organize, manage, and simplify the complex environment of large, multiroom facilities at a home-studio price.

The Main Menu, intuitive, tabbed interface, and built-in key commands make navigation easy. Enter your project data one time, and use it throughout the entire system. It features built-in relational, cross-platform (Mac/PC), multi-user, network capabilities. It is password protectable with 12 different levels of role based access.

Enter your logo and information about your company(ies) to automatically generate letterheads and return-address information on all printouts (Invoices, Letters, Envelopes, Tape Labels, etc.).

New in Studio Suite 8

  • New, modern interface that’s simplified, cleaner, brighter, less busy and more uniform.
  • Designed to eventually work in multiple languages.
  • Runs on FileMaker 8.5, FileMaker Server 8 and FileMaker Server 8 Advanced – more secure, faster more extensible.
  • Simplified file structure, 7 Files on Server instead of 32, one file on Client, instead of 11. (8 files total instead of 43).
  • Dashboard overview on Main Menu to see daily details - Projects, Sessions, Tasks, Messages, Callbacks, etc
  • Much better window management – only one at a time, all the same size and in the same place.
  • Back button functionality on all screens.
  • Integrated Barcode font (no need to buy/install font).
  • Emailing directly from Studio Suite (invoices, booking confirmation, etc).
  • Task management linked to employees, Projects, Sessions, etc. Includes user-definable Task Groups.
  • Media Inventory reconciliation is now optional instead of mandatory.
  • Designed from the ground up for future web accessibility.
  • 12 levels of pre-defined security (rather than 5) with over 100 individual Permissions per user
  • Greater number of User preferences.
  • Record Level Security in critical modules, allowing only specific records to be viewed by defined users.
  • Main Menu accommodates specified button visibility per user.
  • Better column sorting – all columns now sort in both directions.
  • Pop-up calendar for entering all date fields.
  • Variable, selectable fields in List Views.
  • Plus much more !

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A PC Teleprompter for vocalists.

I found this cool program for scrolling lyrics!! Check it out here...

Trainer for Studio Suite in LA

I am looking for someone in Los Angeles that could help us w/ Studio Suite.

Please email us if you are intersted.


please send me designs to create pictures

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