Sunrizer synth v1.2
by BeepStreet
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Runs on iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Last Updated: 2011-08-13
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Sunrizer synth was previously known as the 'Horizon synth'.

Sunrizer was built to perform and works perfectly with any MIDI keyboard or sequencer. A lot of research has been done in order to achieve unheard warmth and clarity.


  • True SuperSaw sound emulation, first found in the legendary Roland JP-8000 synthesizer. SuperSaw is a layered waveform consisting of multiple saw waves which are detuned to create an extremely full and epic sound. It's possible to use 2 supersaw oscillators per voice * 7 polyphony = 98 saw oscillators playing the same time!
  • Two independent filters per voice with configurable routing. You can select between various filter types including classic resonant LP,HP,BP,Notch and less common like Comb and Formant.
  • The Morph Group function lets you continuously morph of up to 30 parameters in a sound (including effects), using only the modulation wheel


  • 2 warm-sounding analog modelled oscillators per voice + 2 sub-oscillators (except SuperSaw). Available waveforms: Saw, PWM pulse,Triangle, SuperSaw.
  • Oscillator 2 hard-sync and configurable routing.
  • Osc-mix, ring modulator.
  • White noise oscillator.

It also has flexible muti filter with two independent filters per voice + configurable routing. In addition is has 2 LFOs per voice. It's possible to assign each LFO to almost any parameter.

Other features include:

  • 200 presets
  • 7 voices polyphony
  • Playback modes: poly, solo, arp.
  • Built-in recorder supporting AudioCopy and iTunes file sharing.
  • Supports CoreMidi and MidiMobilizer. MIDI key velocity can affect up to 3 parameters.
  • Configurable piano keyboard size.
  • Hold button allows you to to keep notes sustaining until you play new notes. This is useful together with the Arpeggiator or with Legato. With Chord Memory function you can play the chord by only pressing single keys. Great for octave or ”fifths” lead lines, for example. Add a little Glide as icing on the cake!
  • Tube soft saturation on output.

New in v1.2

  • MIDI "stuck notes" problem fixed
  • MIDI control and MIDI learn for all parameters
  • Added metronome
  • Multiple banks support and bank export/import
  • In-app help
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