Sweep v0.9.3
by Conrad Parker
(Conrad Parker Website)

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General Public Licence.

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Last Updated: 2009-11-30
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Software Description

Sweep is a sound wave editor. It operates on files of various formats such as WAV, AIFF and AU, and has multiple undo/redo levels and filters.


  • Loading and saving of PCM encoded sound formats including AIFF, Sun/NeXT AU and WAV
  • Multiple views of each sound: you can view different parts of the same sound in different windows simultaneously, with variable zooming in each view. You can view the entire sound at once, or zoom right down to the individual sample values
  • Discontinuous selections: you can select regions of a sound with the mouse. By holding down the key whilst selecting more regions, each region is added to the total selection. Also, selection boundaries can be moved, and selection regions merged, at any time
  • Cut, copy and paste: conventional cut or copy selected regions of a sound, and paste into the same or other sounds
  • Smart undo and redo: all operations are reversible and can be re-applied. The undo routines are tuned to each operation for maximum efficiency
  • A native plug-in mechanism
  • Support for LADSPA effects plug-ins
  • Playback: playback of entire sound, or of selected regions only. Looped playback of entire sound or selected regions
  • Editing and effects are not disabled during playback, giving you instantaneous feedback of the result of each action
  • Piano-style playback: the computer keyboard keys behave like musical keys for playback of instrument samples, so you can hear how the sample will sound when used in a sequencer or tracker
  • Separate volume levels per view, which can be adjusted with the mouse wheel if available
  • Support for Open Sound System compatible audio devices (eg. stock Linux kernel), ALSA 0.6.0 and Solaris audio
  • Translations for French, Hungarian, Italian and German

New in v0.9.3

  • Fixed bounds checking of mode in speex header. relates to: oCERT 2008-002.
  • Fixed bug preventing device dialog being reopened when closed via the window manager.
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