Sympathizer v1.1
by SoundBytes
(SoundBytes Website)

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File Size: 1.8 MB
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Registration: EUR 22.00

System Requirements:

VST host application.

Last Updated: 2009-12-10
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Software Description

Sympathizer is a new and versatile audio effect. It is based on a tunable comb filter bank and extends the concept to further explore this very specific and rewarding domain of sound creation.

The Sympathizers sonic scope spans from the subtle rendition of a sympathetic string reverb to the peculiar soundshapes of sparkling overtone cascades and textures. The Sympathizer is a perfect tool for creating tuned reverbs or drone pad sounds that can hardly be achieved through any other means


  • Twentyone freely tunable string resonators are grouped in three comb filter banks
  • string material, string decay, stereo width, output volume and panorama settings can be adjusted separately for each bank.
  • Faders can be grouped to quickly change settings globally or ganged in reverse to make adjustments to a single bank while still preserving the overall balance of the preset.
  • Resonator pitch can be set as midi note number, as note name or as frequency.
  • Pitch changes can be applied to a single resonator, to selected banks or globally to allow quick and convinient retuning of the effect.
  • Use continous midi controlers on the damper to create swells and fades by dynamically readjusting the string decay or simulate pedal action by switching between two defined damper states.
  • Use Midi controlers on the output volume to rhythmically gate the drone pad sound.

New in v1.1

  • New Value display allows to read and modify the exact parameter value for all knob and fader controls.
  • New fine tune VST parameters allow exact retuning of all voices through VST automation. This works fine as well when only standard low resolution MIDI controllers are available.
  • MIDI note range borders can conveniently be inserted from a MIDI keyboard.
  • Numerous bug fixes increase the overall stability and usability of the plugins.
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