SynthMaster 2.8.4
by KV331 Audio
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Saving presets is disabled and Mutes output and emits white noise every 60 seconds. Registration: $99

System Requirements:

VSTi host application.

Last Updated: 2016-07-04
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Software Description

SynthMaster is a semi-modular virtual synthesizer and multi-FX plug-in.

It is an amalgamation of different synthesis methods, including ring modulation, frequency / phase modulation, additive synthesis, osc sync, subtractive synthesis, waveshaping, amplitude modulation and pulse width modulation. SynthMaster can also serve as a Multi-Effects plug-in with its 16 band Vocoder, Stereo Tremolo, 8 band parametric EQ/filterbank, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Reverb and Stereo Delay.


  • 64 voice polyphony.
  • 3 Additive Oscillators per voice: Each multi-waveform oscillator has its own volume / frequency (pitch) envelope.
  • 3 Multi-mode Stereo Filters per voice: Each filter has 23 different filter types and 18 different distortion types. Filters can be connected in three different configurations: Series, parallel and split.
  • 4 Modulators per voice: The modulators can be used as LFOs (low frequency oscillators) or audio rate oscillators to modulate other modulators, multi-mode filters or the additive oscillators. Each modulator has its own envelope.
  • 2 MIDI LFOs: These 2 LFOs are used to generate MIDI CC (control change) messages to modulate plug-in parameters. Since each controller can be linked to multiple plug-in parameters, it is possible to modulate all of those parameters at the same time using the MIDI LFOs.
  • 2 32 step Patterns: The patterns could be used as waveforms for modulators or MIDI LFOs. Since the number of steps is user adjustable, it is possible to generate patterns in rhythms other than 4/4 such as 9/8, 7/8, etc.
  • 16 Step Arpeggiator: Every step has its own volume, length and delta. The number of steps is user adjustable, so it is possible to generate arpeggios in rhythms other than 4/4, such as 9/8, 7/8, 5/8, etc.
  • 8 Band parametric EQ/Filterbank: The EQ could be constructed in different combinations such as parallel, series, or input + series. Each band in the EQ could be bypassed, which makes it possible to construct a very flexible parametric EQ.
  • Stereo Echo / Delay: The echo effect has feedback and filter cutoff parameters, and its delay size is tempo synced.
  • 16 Band Vocoder: The vocoder uses analog modeled bandpass filters. Either the synth output or the audio input can be used as carrier/modulator signal for the vocoder.
  • Stereo Chorus / Flanger: The chorus effect in SynthMaster has separate delay and rate controls for the left and right outputs, which widens the stereo width of the effect output.
  • Stereo Reverb: The reverb effect in SynthMaster is based on physical modeling. You can specify physical parameters such as the room size, the distance of the left & right sound sources, and the width between the sound sources.
  • Microtuning: Each plug-in instance can have its own custom tuning specified.
  • MIDI Links: Plug-in parameters can be easily linked to MIDI controllers. Each plug-in instance has its own parameter-controller link settings.
  • "Partial" Presets: Plug-in parameters for various parts of SynthMaster can be saved independently, which makes it very easy to create complex presets by combining different "partial" presets.

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New in v2.8.4

  • Turn on/off arpeggiator MIDI Output. (Off by default)
  • Bugfix for AAX crashes Protools upon launch due to buffer overflow
  • Bugfix for Sustain pedal implementation not working correctly
  • Bugfix for KeyScaler view doesn't display notes correctly

New in v2.8

  • 4 new filter categories
  • Layer Effects on a single tab
  • New Drum Kit
  • New Factory Presets
  • Various other improvements and bugfixes

New in v2.7.6

  • Now reads scala tuning files from \SynthMaster\Scales folder as well
  • Now reads root note information from scala tuning files.
  • Now has weekly version checking.
  • SynthMaster Player updated to v2.7 with 300 new presets!
  • Added 50 new factory presets by Bluffmunkey
  • Various other bugfixes and improvements

New in v2.7.1

  • Added 16 different oscillator algorithms in the following categories: Spectral (HP, HS, LS, BP, BS), Bend (Bend+, Bend-, Bend +/-), Sync (No Window, Cos Window, Half Window, Tri Window, Saw Window), Other (Pulse1, Pulse2, Bit Crush)
  • The analog filter algorithms have been rewritten so now they have 3 different CPU modes: Basic, Normal and High.
  • Improved the unison (voice stacking) features of basic/wavetable oscillators
  • Wavetable oscillator UI rewritten for simpler workflow
  • The modulators in each layer can now be used as sub-oscillators as well.
  • Assign multiple parameters to a single modulation source with a single click
  • Export your own presets as an iOS preset bank
  • Added 300 new presets to our factory library.

New in v2.6.19

  • Added /SynthMaster/Presets folder to preset search folders list on startup.
  • Bugfix for changing the HP cutoff frequency of the EQ effect generating noise/out of range values.
  • Bugfix for Sampling rate set to 44.1 kHz for all SynthMaster AAX instances.
  • Bugfix for rests in between notes not being recognized correctly when importing MIDI sequences to the arpeggiator
  • Bugfix for loops not working as "one shot" envelopes.

New in v2.6.17

  • Faster startup time
  • Bugfix for AAX not syncing to host tempo
  • Bugfix for incorrect mouse wheel increment for knobs
  • Bugfix for expansion presets not assigning favorite attribute
  • Bugfix for Midi learn for XY Pads not working

New in v2.6.9

  • Critical bugfixes
  • 50 new presets for dubstep, electro house, progressive house etc.
  • New in v2.6.3

    • Fix for load preset issue when the audio engine is stopped.
    • Fix for CPU spike when a Logic session is played back for the first time.
    • Fix for 8-bit WAV file reading issue

    New in v2.6.2

    • New partial presets (124) by Insigna
    • New factory presets (24) by Insigna
    • Bugfix for saving preset settings
    • Bugfix for CC7 to Master Volume default midi cc mapping causing issues with some DAWs such as Sonar/DP7
    • Bugfix for HP cutoff frequency of the EQ effect generating noise
    • SynthMaster now writes its temporary data under the /Users/Shared folder so that users dont have to deal with forder permissions

    New in v2.6.1

    • Now reads SynthMasterCM/SynthMasterBE presets
    • Now has access to presets uploaded to the online library by SynthMasterCM/SynthMaster users
    • Now sends MIDI output for its 2 layers separately
    • Updated the OnlinePresets bank
    • Easy parameters auto assign algorithm has been vastly improved
    • Number of modulation sources per parameter has been increased to 4
    • Bugfix for easy parameter default values
    • Bugfix for preset scale dropdown
    • Bugfix for click between overlapping notes in mono mode
    • Bugfix for Layer2 Ensemble effect not working correctly

    New in v2.5.4.152

    • More bugfixes

    New in v2.5.4.151

    • Now supports multiple user preset folders.
    • Now adds default preset extension smpr while saving presets.
    • Now remembers user's last folder selection for imported samples.
    • Now supports global A4 tune through configuration file.
    • Added tripled/dotted timing for arpeggiator steps.
    • Added stereo panning for stereo SFZ oscillators.
    • Various bugfixes

    New in v2.5.4.149

    • Added tripled/dotted timing for arpeggiator steps
    • Added stereo panning for stereo SFZ oscillators
    • Bugfix:Saving preset settings might cause SynthMaster RTAS to crash
    • Bugfix: MIDI Node number of each SynthMaster RTAS instance is not unique
    • Bugfix: Preset browser bank filter missing in Synthmaster RTAS
    • Bugfix: For VST hosts that use variable buffer size (such as Orion), SynthMaster doesnt work correctly.
    • Bugfix: When engine quality is greater than draft, MIDI CC filter lag time is incorrect
    • Bugfix: When engine quality is greater than draft, non-voice MIDI messages are not processed correctly
    • Bugfix: When voice stealing, notes that are held should not be stolen
    • Bugfix: Deleting keyscaler points with right mouse button doesnt work
    • Bugfix: For multiline textboxes (preset description), the last line is not displayed
    • Bugfix: SynthMaster AU 64bits might crash if there are certain plugins in the session
    • Bugfix: Step LFO doesnt start at correct step index
    • Bugfix: SynthMaster should warn user if temporary files can not be written (under Program Files or Library)
    • Bugfix: After saving a preset its name is displayed twice on the preset browser.
    • Bugfix: For SFZ oscillators, phase (sample start index) parameter can not be modulated

    New in v2.5.4.142

    • Added XLarge and XXLarge engine buffer sizes.
    • Bugfix for reading 32-bit floating point WAV/AIFF files.
    • Bugfix for consuming unnecessary CPU cycles when a sample playback oscillator is playing an empty (silent) region.
    • Switching between basic/wavescan oscillators might crash SynthMaster.
    • SFZ sample playback doesn't work for modulators, causes crash.
    • FM on SFZ sample playback oscillators doesn't work, causes crash.
    • Layer 2 Osc 2 Voices parameter is not working correctly.

    New in v2.5.4.140

    • Optional Auto Scrolling for list boxes
    • Support for loading/saving preset banks
    • Added "MIDI CC Filter Lag" global parameter
    • Added "Mouse Filter Lag" global parameter
    • Added support for expansion folders
    • Reset easy parameter settings
    • Rename presets from within the preset browser
    • Bugfixes

    New in v2.5.4.133

    • New online presets uploaded by registered users.
    • New (red) skin, created by Irion DaRonin.
    • New global setting to enable/disable hiding older presets.
    • New global setting to enable/disable bipolar easy parameters.
    • For effect version of SynthMaster, oscillator type is set to "audioin" by default now.
    • Various bugfixes

    New in v2.5

    • Now a Crossplatform VST/AU
    • 400 New Factory Presets
    • Improved Effects and routing
    • Improved Arpeggiator
    • Enhanced Modulation System
    • Enhanced Unison and Stereo Oscillator
    • Improved filter algorithms including Multi Mode and dual filters
    • Vector Synthesis
    • Bug fixes
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