TAL-U-No-62 v1.7
by Togu Audio Line
(Togu Audio Line Website)
Owned by user Stacey

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System Requirements:

VSTi/AU host application.

Last Updated: 2011-12-02
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

TAL-U-No-62 is a polyphonic virtual analogue synthesizer with a "unique" filter sound.

An original Roland Juno-60 was used as reference for the oscillators, filters and controls.


  • Polyphonic (6 voices).
  • Band-limited oscillators.
  • One syncable LFO with five different waveforms.
  • 24 dB lowpass filter with self oscillation, non-resonant high-pass filter.
  • Fast ADSR envelope.
  • Smooth cutoff changes (also with MIDI controllers).
  • Velocity sensitive filter envelope.
  • MIDI learn for all pots.
  • Supports all sample rates.
  • 20 presets.

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New in v1.7

  • Cutoff frequency / output volume issue fixed

New in v1.6

  • Improved oscillators.
  • New VST presets available.

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Nobody has checked this link

Nobody has checked this link lately. The "Download" button no longer points to a download. A page comes up with several other things but not the freeware described above; only a sample sound file.

Listing Updated

Thanks for pointing out. I have updated the listing to reflect the latest version and updated the links.

The Juno TAL U No. 62

I absolutely love the VST. I use it all the time for demos, remixes, when I am writing beats for other artists, and on my record.

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