Tablature v2.1
by Pierre Pezziardi
(Pierre Pezziardi Website)

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Operating System: Mac OS X
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License: Freeware (All Free software)
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Last Updated: 2007-12-01
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Software Description

Tablature is a set of tools that allows easy edition, publication and playback of Bass and Guitar Tablatures. Entirely written in Java, it works on Windows, Macintosh and Unix platforms ... and is Freeware !

Installation instructions are available at the web site below...

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asking for free software

music is life


hello i am a bass guitar player and this software will help me be a better bass player

help on banjo tab

I am desperately looking for a program that transfers notation to guitar, banjo, mandolin and fiddle tab if possible. Do you know of any that exists?? Thanks for your help!


Hello, i would be glad to knoww if this program works like guitar pro.....because i want to have a kind of guitar pro for my macintosh....does tablature 1.1 works like guitar pro.....can somebody e-mail me please?..thnkxs

couldn't downbload Guitar & Bass Tablature Editor

Couldn't download Guitar & Bass Tablature Editor from

Tab editor

looks nice, but the playback is only available under Windoze

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