by Brian Tietz

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Operating System:
File Size: 9 K
License Conditions:
System Requirements:

Requires BeOS version: AA

Last Updated: 1998-02-08
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Software Description

The reason I wrote it is to be able to play a sound from the terminal without bringing up a window the way PlaySound does. I use it to play a startup sound. I inserted the following line into /boot/system/UserBootscript: TermSound "/boot/sounds/Beavis&ButtheadBeginning" It can also be used to play multiple sounds in sequence: TermSound Sound1 Sound2 etc. It can play any sound supported by BeOS's play_sound() function, which currently is AIFF, WAVE, and UNIX formats. Anything else will be played, but will be treated as raw data and may not play correctly.

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