The Newtonator v0.6
by Michael Bechard
(Michael Bechard Website)

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Last Updated: 2012-08-31
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

The Newtonator is a software synthesizer that creates unusual sounds by starting from a familiar sine wave, but then after a few changes to the modulation parameters you end up with some unique and wild sounds.

This is a beta release - you can report issues at

It has been tested and works in Ardour

Feature overview:

  • LV2-compliant synth plugin
  • Simple, easy-to-use GTK-based GUI
  • 3-note polyphony (err, um, until I can do some serious optimization)
  • "Unique" synthesis algorithm (Tuna Pagan Fellowship)

Changes in v0.6:

  • removed floor modulation altogether
  • removed Gravity Readjust
  • removed Switch Velocity
  • removed Channel Separation
  • removed patched Stk source code from code-base, now it compiles against dynamic lib
  • added limit to velocity
  • made stereo synthesis optional in UI

Changes in v0.5.2:

  • bugfix for compilation bug due to missing gdkconfig.h file
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