Torpedo PI-101 Wall of Sound 3.2.4
by Two Notes
(Two Notes Website)

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Operating System: Mac OS X
File Size: 87 MB
License: Demonstration (All Demo software)
Price: EUR 199
License Conditions:

Torpedo PI-101 requires an iLok USB dongle

System Requirements:

2GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) mono or multi-core processor, iLok USB key (new version required)

Last Updated: 2014-08-11
For more detail about software : Software Description
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Software Description

Torpedo PI is a high end speaker micing simulator which simulates a cab/microphone combination, including speaker distortion, but also allows you to virtually move the microphone in front of the speaker cabinet.

It also provides a tube power amp simulator and a "shaping FX" section including low cut, EQ, exciter and compressor.

Torpedo PI comes with more than 30 vintage and modern cabinets, and a choice of 8 studio standard microphones.

If you already have a favorite speaker cab and microphone, you can measure them thanks to our Torpedo Capture software that will take care of all the processing and will output a TUR file for you to import into the Torpedo PI-101 to instantly find your sound without having to setup the big pile of gear.
Note that the PI-101 is also compatible with third party IR libraries.

A free version is also available: Torpedo PI-FREE

The Torpedo PI-101 is composed of the following sound processing sections:

  • Power amp simulation with 8 different power amp topologies
  • “Miking” section with more than 30 cabs and 8 studio standard micrphones available
  • “Post-FX” section, including low cut filter, 5-band EQ, exciter and compressor

Power Amps:

  • EL84
  • EL34
  • 6L6
  • KT88

Guitar cabinets:

  • BDeLuxe : Fender® Blues Deluxe 1×12
  • 2Notes CSG : Two Notes Custom 1×12 – EVM12L
  • Brit Std : Marshall® JCM900 2×12 – G12T
  • Brit VintC : Marshall® Slash 4X12 – V30
  • Brit VintO : Marshall® Slash 4X12 open back – V30
  • Brit65C : Marshall® 1965A 4×10
  • Brit65O : Marshall® 1965A 4×10 open back
  • Watt FanC : Hiwatt® 2×12 – Fane
  • Angl Vint : Engl® 4×12 – V30
  • StrongBack : VHT® Fat Bottom 4X12 – P50E
  • Free Rock : VHT® Deliverance 4X12 – P50E
  • Free Rock2 : VHT® Deliverance 2X12 – P50E
  • Calif C90 : Mesa/Boogie® 1×12 – C90
  • Calif StdC : Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier® Standard 4X12 – V30
  • Calif stdO : Mesa/Boogie® Rectifier® Standard 4×12 open back – V30
  • Green Tri : Hughes&Kettner® Triamp 4×12 – GreenBack
  • Forest : Elmwood® 2×12 – V30
  • Watt FanO : Hiwatt® 2×12 open back – Fane
  • The One : Brunetti® Neo1512 1×15/2×12
  • XTCab : Bogner® 4×12 – V30
  • Kerozen : Diezel® 4×12 – V30
  • Voice : Original Vox® AC30 JMI 2×12 – “Silver Bell” Celestion
  • Eddie : Peavey® 5150® 2×12 – Sheffield 1200
  • Silver77 : vintage Fender® Twin Reverb® 2X12 – orange JBL®

Bass cabinets:

  • Two Notes Custom 1×15
  • AZ Work : SWR® WorkingMan 4×10
  • AZ Ben : SWR® Big Ben 1×18
  • Fridge : Ampeg® 8×10
  • Heaven Bot : Eden® 1×15
  • Heaven Top : Eden® 4×10
  • Marco : Markbass® 2×10
  • Rea One : AER® Cab One 2×10
  • Calif Low : Mesa/Boogie® 2×10
  • Voice V125 : Vox® V125 2×12


  • Royer® R121
  • Beyerdynamic® M160N
  • Shure® SM57
  • Shure® Beta 52
  • Sennheiser® MD421
  • Electrovoice® RE20
  • Neumann® U87
  • Blue® Drangonfly

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New in v3.2.4

  • New Variphi and overload user impulses
  • Better correction when moving microphone
  • License and cabinet update process simplified
  • Improved handling of message windows
  • Bugfix for Microphone list errors
  • Bugfix for Minor graphic issues

New in v3.2.3

  • Minor GUI enhancements
  • Various minor bugs fixes.

New in v3.1.0

  • AAX native support for ProTools 10.3.6+
  • Windows XP bugfix
  • Better preset loading
  • Overall display improvements
  • Several minor bugfixes
  • New cabinet rating in preview mode

New in v3.0.24

  • Improved Mac installer
  • Fix for activation issue with Logic Plugin Manager
  • Enhanced update window’s display
  • Fix for CPU load peaking
  • Fix for problem with loading user IRs into sub-directories

New in v3.0.20

  • Bugfix for Logic AU crash
  • Bugfix for activation failed issue
  • Bugfix for Minor graphic issues
  • Better offline license loading
  • Improved Registration process

New in v3.0.18

  • Fix for loading boutique window not closing
  • Fix for Reaper AU: wrong stereo routing
  • Fix for window-display bug when OS font size is changed
  • Fix for silence occurring after extended running time
  • Fix for minor graphic issues

New in v3.0.10

  • New in-app purchasing for browsing, listening and buying cabs
  • Up to 100 cabs to be mixed inside a single plugin instance.
  • Stereo processing
  • 3 plugin sizes (S, M and XL)
  • Presets are compatible with all the Torpedo range of products
  • Optimized CPU usage
  • Update check
  • Shortcuts are available for speeding up your workflow

New in v2.0.24

  • Complete display of Presets and User-Impulses folders in tree view
  • Management of missing impulse files
  • BugFix for CPU peaks when moving the microphone
  • BugFix for preset compatibility between Torpedo Live, C.A.B., and PI-101 products
  • BugFix for reading Aiff files
  • BugFix for audio click in certain preset-change cases
  • BugFix for sampling rate conversion on .wav-based .tur files
  • Improved: typing in values for potentiometers
  • Volume and Pan update when a channel is deleted
  • BugFix for some minor graphical bugs

New in v2.0.22

  • Bugfix for display issues on Mac (AU version).
  • Available in three display sizes: S, M, and XL.

New in v2.0.20

  • Bugfixes for various crashing bugs
  • Improved display of Impulse responses

New in v2.0.12

  • New procedure from the plugin.
  • Enhanced power amp section.
  • New pan law.
  • Bugfixes.

New in v2.0.10

  • possibility to stack and mix up to 100 cabinets inside a single plugin instance
  • stereo processing
  • 3 plugin sizes
  • various shortcuts to speed up the workflow
  • plugin and cabinet models can now be updated directly from the plugin itself
  • audio optimizations
  • CPU optimizations
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