Transcribe! v8.31
by Seventh String Software
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Last Updated: 2012-11-07
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Software Description

The Transcribe! application is an assistant for working out a piece of music from a recording. The usual technique is to copy the music to cassette and then listen repeatedly to each bit, using your ear and your brain to work out what is happening. You would also need a piano or a guitar handy to check out which note is which. Transcribe! effectively replaces the cassette machine and the piano. Transcribe! offers many features aimed at making the transcription job smoother and easier, including the ability to slow down the music without changing its pitch, and to analyse chords and show you what notes are present.

New in v8.31

  • Export of compressed sound files
  • Changed Video Viewer
  • Export and Import Foot Pedal Commands
  • New command ScriptWaitLoops
  • Updated Recent Files
  • Hold alt to constrain click drag
  • New command MarkerEditMostRecent
  • The "Speed Up" command
  • Various other minor enhancements
  • Various bugfixes (detailed here

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Transcribing/Transposing Vocals

Will this program provide the notes a singer is singing? And then allow me to transpose them to a different key? And provide the chords for a piece of music?

Problem Opening File

I am unable to open a file, even though it is saved as a WAV file. Message appears as no sound file found.
Can you help?

Re: problem opening file

Hello, I don't often look here so didn't notice your message til today. If you still need help then email me, or there is a discussion forum you could join at

Convert into Tabs

Hello Sir,
Can I use Transcribe! to convert Audio music into TablEdit Tabs ?
I have Windows 98SE and Soundcard.
Thanks for reply

Re: Convert into Tabs

Transcribe! can help you to work out the notes, but it does not produce tab output.

music of non western cultures

I wish to know wheather this software can transcribe music of non-western cultures whose pitches don't follow the tempered scale.
THank you

Re: music of non western cultures

It is useful in transcribing any kind of music - try it, you get a month's free trial.

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